Key Features of Lodha Investment


To become the world's most focused financial investment company in India.


To create wealth through investing in the Indian capital market.

Why Lodha?

To create wealth for all the people associated with us and enrich their lives.

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your first base of support.

Lodha Investment Private Limited is an independent entity which focuses on trading & investing its own fund in the Indian securities market.

Our founder Mr. Vishaal Kumar has 6+ years of experience in value investing which dictates his passion for serving the people in the securities market forming the backbone of the company. He has unique goals and aspirations for the company with a philosophy to generate lifelong wealth while making investing simple for the company and clients. His family have been investors in the Indian securities markets for 30 years and have dealt with a plethora of people belonging to the financial domain before moving on to other businesses.

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1. To provide advisory services related to purchasing, selling, dealing in securities, financial planning and investment products by way of written, oral or through any other means of communication for the benefit of HNI or body corporates.

Create wealth in the stock market by choosing Lodha Investment.

To provide services related to the issuance of research reports and / or research analysis including but not limited to the preparation and / or publication of research reports, making buy/sell/hold recommendations, giving price targets and offering opinions concerning public offers with respect to securities that are listed or to be listed in one or more stock exchanges in India.

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